Thomas Pound

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born in England in 1689, Pound started his “Sea” career in The Royal Navy. He rose to a Junior Officer and was a skilled Cartographer. Leaving English service, it remains w mystery as to why Pound turned to Piracy. He recruited a Crew and attacked Merchant ships off of Massachusetts. Pound was captured and taken to Boston for trial. Sentenced to death in 1690, he was placed into The hands of The Royal Navy for transport back to England. Enroute, the ship was attacked by a French Privateer. Set free to help fight (which he did) – he assisted in saving the ship. Based on the Captains recommendation for his bravery, his sentenced was commuted. Back in England, he was given back his Naval Rank and given command of a small Sloop-of-War. His “Piratical” career forgotten – he would serve until his death in 1703.