• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Commonly referring to 6th Century AD Germanic Societies, a Thing was an assembly of ''Freemen'' who were presided over by a chosen Noble. The primary purpose of such a gathering was to discuss, debate or enact, certain edicts and laws – as they pertained to the Region The Assembly represented. No Slave or ''Hired Person'' (indentured), could ''vote'' or enter into open debate.


Things were called into session regularly, often to discuss Commerce or matters that had a direct effect on a Region. And while a King or Queen could make or declare War – some Things had a huge amount of input in this result. In many Kingdoms, no standing Armies existed (save a King having to recruit and pay for Mercenaries). He or She would have to ''raise and Army'' from their population base. Maintaining ''good relations'' with a local Thing was tantamount. The style of ''self-governing'' (which would spell an end to Monarchies in some cases), would slowly spread – often being seen as an early example of democratic government.