The ''Wyoming''

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By Crusader1307

Seen as the largest wooden sea going Vessel ever built, The ''Wyoming'' was built in Bath, Maine (US) in 1909. a (6) Mast Schooner-Class Ship, ''Wyoming'' primarily was used to transport goods and passengers on The North Atlantic International Shipping Lines. Although envisioned as a Full Rigged (Wind) Vessel, ''Wyoming'' was fitted with coal burning Steam Engines. She could store up to 6,000-tons of coal for use. Displacing close to 4,000-tons, ''Wyoming'' was 450-feet in length with a Beam of 50-feet. Her Shipping Holds were 33-feet deep. Capable of 18-mph, ''Wyoming'' supported (13) Officers and Crewmen. In 1924, ''Wyoming'' was caught in a ''typical'' North Atlantic storm off Cape Cod. She was lost in that storm with a loss of (5) of Her Crew.