The ''Whydah Gally''

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Originally constructed as a British Galley Ship, she was built in 1715 in London, England. She was one of England's foremost Slave cargo ships. She dispersed some 300 tons, and was 102 feet long. A 3-Masted ship (her highest bean was 30 feet), she cruised at a “fast” 13-knots (or about 15-mph). In addition to wind power, Whydah Gally was equipped with oar capabilities. She mounted for her protection, 18 6-pounder cannon. She would carry about 150 sailors. She was captured by Pirate Captain “Black Jack” Bellamy in 1717 – and converted to his Flag Ship. Ran aground in a storm and capsized, she went down with a large amount of treasure (according to legend). Whydah Gally's wreck was rediscovered in 1984 and has yielded “lost” pirate gold and related treasures from “The Golden Age of Piracy”.