The ''Syracusia''

  • Ancient Greece
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By Crusader1307

The “Syracusia” was an Ancient Greek “Supership”, designed by Archimedes in 240 B.C. Heralded as the “largest Transport Ship Built” in The Ancient World, she was said to be 400 feet long. The hull was claimed to have been made “foul-proof” from the effects of salt water and barnacles. This “technique” involved coating the hull with pitch and horsehair. A Central Casemate Tower (50 feet tall), was said to have been installed on the upper deck with as many as 8 smaller Turrets positioned (at intervals) along the Main Deck. “Syracusia” also was said to have a large Catapult built into her deck as well. It took 40 Oarsmen to move her (although it was said she did use a central Main Sail). “Syracusia” also had “gardens and promenades” for guests and passengers to roam. Best described as the “RMS Titanic” of the Greek World - “Syracusia” was said to have actual heated baths and recreational areas below deck (or Deck #2). The Third Deck was reserved for soldiers, cargo and munitions. Claiming ivory and carved granite pillars, “Syracusia” was truly a marvel of The Ancient World. There is no reliable trace of her fate after the death of Archimedes.