The Swords of Joan of Arc

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Legend states that Joan of Arc (Heroine of France during The Hundred Years Wars), would use her sword to strike the back of any prostitute she encountered. After a failed counter attack of Paris, Joan struck the back of a prostitute - and her sword broke! This alarmed many of her followers (who thought her sword was "magical"). The pieces of the sword were "lost". However in the 16th Century, a trunk was found behind the Altar of The Cathedral of Tours (France). Inside were several swords - one purported to being Joan's. It was not uncommon for Knights to leave their blades to be blessed before going into battle. Although the "heritage" of the sword will never be proven, it is of the same period. A typical Straight Sword, is is roughly 40 inches long and double-edged. It weights 2.5 pounds. It also has an unusual "2 and A Half" handle grip (strange for a Straight Sword). It also features upward fluted cross guards. This Joan sword is kept at The Joan of Arc Museum, Rouen, France. The second Joan Sword is a Arming Sword class of blade. Around 35 inches long, it too is double-edged. It features an unusual reverse cross guard (with one fluted upwards and one fluted downwards). This blade is kept at The Museum of Dijon, France.