Sword of Napoleon Bonaparte

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By Crusader1307

Napoleon probably owned and used more swords than any other Officer known. Attempting to identify the "real from the fake" can be a full time job! Many Museums and private collections claim to own Napoleon's "this and that". This particular blade has survived and passed most tests designed to identify the genuine article. It sold for a record 6.4 Million (USD). Known as "The Marengo Sword", it was carried and used by Napoleon at The Battle of Marengo (Spain) in 1800. Made in France in the Mameluke pattern of blade, it is slightly curved and measures in at 45-inches. It is a single-edged blade. It features elaborate blade engravings as well. It is accompanied by a blue steel scabbard. Napoleon gave this sword to his brother on the occasion of his marriage (as a gift). It remained "in the family" for 8 generations, until sold at Auction.