The Sword of Marshal Arthur Wellesley

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

One of the most celebrated English Officers (in it's history), The Duke of Wellington had a legendary and stellar career in both military service and politics. Serving in many wars and engagements (60 by count), his service in best known against French Emperor Napoleon I and The Napoleonic Wars. Responsible for Napoleon's first defeat and exile, he returned during The Hundred Days War to lead the British and their Allies to victory again at The Battle of Waterloo (1815). He was awarded many Presentation and Ceremonial blades in recognition of his services. One in particular, and most seen in paintings - was his personal Officer's Sword (which was not regulation issue). Of the then popular Mameluke-style, (used by Officers on both sides of the war), it is ivory handled. Not elaborate, it has a 31.5 inch blade and weights about 1.5/2 pounds. Presented to The Royal Service Institute (England) in 1837, in had fallen into dire need of restoration over the years. A funding project was initiated in 2014 to raise the needed monies. In January of 2015, the blade was unveiled to the Public. It is still in possession of The Institute.