The Sword of Maj.- General Charles Gordon

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By Crusader1307

Often known by his nicknames "Chinese Gordon" and "Pasha Gordon", this British Officer of Engineers - was known for his Administrative abilities and combat knowledge. A devout Christian, he served in The Crimean War and was instrumental in putting down  several rebellions in China (hence his nickname). Sent to The Sudan to secure British interests, he ended The Slave Trade there. He was brought out of retirement to secure the evacuation of English soldiers and subjects (due to his intimate knowledge of the region), during The Mahdist War (1881-1899). Securing and fortifying the City of Khartoum, he and a small force were able to hold off the Mahdist forces for 1 year (all the time hoping for British relief that never came). He died heroically holding off the enemy at his Headquarters. His actual battle blade (while it's whereabouts are unknown), was not doubt a Model 1850 British Cavalry Saber (the king he is seen with in the few rare paintings of him). He no doubt preferred it (owing to his early Crimean service). The blade would have been around 40.5 inches and single-edged. It featured a semi-enclosed basket-hilt guard made of brass. The model was still popular with British soldiers even over the newer (and lighter) Model 1885.