The Sword of General US Grant

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By Crusader1307

General Ulysses S. Grant was General-In-Chief of The Union Army of The Potomac, (during The American Civil War),  and the 3rd 5-Star General in history (up to that time), In fact another General would not hold that position until World War II. He will one day served as President of The United States. He no doubt had many Presentation and ceremonial blades awarded him, but this one somewhat special. Considered to be one of the most expensive Civil War blade (or any made), in the US - it sold for 2 Million USD!. Given to Grant as a gift from "The Residents of Kentucky", it is an ornate Infantry officers sword. The blade and components are solid silver with additional gold plating throughout. 26 diamonds spell out Grants monogram on the cross hilt. The blade actually stayed in The Grant Family until 1989, when it was sold at Auction to a private collector. Although known for his tenaciousness in combat, Grant disliked war (and weapons). He said "In My opinion, there is always some way to keep a sword from having to be pulled". He rarely wore a sword or carried a pistol in the field.