Sword of General RE Lee

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By Crusader1307

General Robert E. Lee, was commanding General of The Army of Northern Virginia (The Confederacy's primary land force), during The American Civil War (1861-1865). A one-time Commandant of The US Army Military Academy, at West Point - is one of US history's most "storied" Generals. He (like many General Officers), had many "ceremonial blades". These were either gifts or awards for some important victory on the battlefield. Lee may have had several, but this blade is seen most with him (the FEW times he was photographed or painted in full uniform). The blade in question is of French manufacture (unknown maker), and early 19th Century. It is of the Infantry Officer sword design. It measures 40.5 inches long and is single-edged. It is known for it's very elaborate gold-plated basket-hilt guard. The handle is ivory. The blade was a gift "To General Robert E. Lee from a Marylander - 1863" (as in inscribed on one side of the blade. The other side has the following inscription in French "Aide Toi Dieu L'aidera" or "Help Yourself and God Helps You". It also features a blue steel scabbard. It was kept on display for many years at The Museum of The Confederacy, Richmond, Virginia - until moved to The Appomattox Court House Museum, Appomattox, Virginia. The importance of the move was, it was at that place - Lee surrendered his Army to Federal General Grant (thus ending the war). Lee (as was custom), presented his sword as a gesture of surrender. Grant refused (as a point of honor to one's foe). One of the last "known" photographs of Lee in uniform, shows this sword by his side.