The Sword of General Ambrose Burnside

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Ambrose Burnside was a famous 19th Century Railroad Executive, Inventor, Industrialist, State Governor and Senator. As a Brigadier-General in The Union Army during The American Civil War. History will best remember him for his unique style of facial hair , known as “Burnsides”. Today, we know them as “Sudeburns”. A West Point Graduate (through Political connections), Burnside fought in The Mexican War and later serve several years on The Frontier. Resigning his Commission, he would go on to invent The “Burnside Carbine”, purchased in great numbers for use by The US Army.


At the start of The Civil War, Burnside would be given Command of Rhode Islands Militia. He would eventually be offered control of The Army of The Potomac. After a series of epic failures for not pursuing a beaten Confederate Army after the Battles of Antietam and Fredricksburg , Burnside was removed from Command.


As a somewhat wealthy Officer, Burnside could have well afforded a custom made Sword. Rather, he chose  (although this was privately made)  to carry and use The Ames Model 1860 Officers Sword. Made of steel, this was a 36-Inch, single-edged blade. It featured a “D”-Guard Handle and “Scallop” plate Front. His blade is on display in The State Capitol of Rhode Island.