Sword of Cosimo de Medici

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By Crusader1307

The Patriarch and founder of the wealthy and powerful 'de Medici Family, Cosimo was intrumental at manipulating Italian politics and religion. He was a Banker by trade. He was also a huge supporter of Italian arts and literature. By today's monetary standards, it is estimated he gave some 30 million dollars as Patron. Unofficially the “Ruler of Florence”, he did establish a form of democracy there. He also maintained a huge mercenary army (just in case). His 15th Century personal blade is of the Straight Sword variety, some 44 inches long. A plain grip, it featured an unadorned plain cross guard. A large roundel/pommel was installed at the end (possibly at one time containing the 'de Medici Seal). Originally buried with him, it was recovered in the 18th Century. It is on display at his tomb at The Church of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy.