The Sword of Admiral Nelson

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

A brave and noted English Naval Commander, Admiral Horatio Nelson is still often studied in terms of his unconventional fighting methods and tactics. His victories against The French Navy during The Napoleonic Wars is the stuff of legend. He had been wounded many time in battle, but at The Battle of Trafalger (1805) - a French sharpshooter would fatally wound him (after winning the day!). He had many Presentation and ceremonial blades awarded to him as battle honors. There several blades that have been proven to have been owned/used by him personally. One sword presented to him for his victory at The Battle of Cape St. Vincent (Portugal), in 1797). The "Vincent Sword", is a 39.5 inch Naval Officer blade. It has a "half" single-edged blade (as was common). It has the standard "D" guard hilt with the popular "5 Ball" style of decoration bisecting the handle. The grip is ivory with the insignia of The Royal Navy. This blade is kept at Westminster Abbey, London, England.