The ''Susan Constant''

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By Crusader1307

The Vessel, ''Susan Constant'' was a Fly Boat (one of 3), built by The English Virginia Expedition (aka The Virginia Company). She was constructed of Oak wood around 1606. The goal of The Expedition was to found a viable and permanent English Colony in The ''New World'' of North America. The ''Constant'' was roughly 120-tons displaced and was roughly 118-feet long. She stood at 22-feet. A fully rigged vessel, She carried 71 Colonists (including Captain John Smith). After Her rather hurried construction, she set out for the 1606-07 voyage that ''discovered'' the land that would be named ''Virginia'' (in honor of Queen Elizabeth I).


After Her Maiden Voyage, The ''Constant'' was sold and used as a Merchant Vessel. Some rumor also state that she served as a Privateer Ship, with her Name disappearing from all English Registers after 1615. In 2007, The ''Constant'' and her Sister Ships (''Discovery'' and ''Godspeed'') were reconstructed as Museum Ships and are permanently docked at The Jamestown National Historic Site in Virginia.