The Spear of King Shaka

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By Crusader1307

Although this great military leader and commander did not use a sword, Shaka was certainly worthy of the finest blade fit for a King or General. Shaka was responsible for unifying a fractured Zulu Tribe and built them into a proper Spartan-like Army. They not only threatened the whole of Africa, but English interests as well. He trained and developed his Army of Native Warriors with new weapons and battlefield tactics. So effective was his training that even after his death (by assassination) - The Zulu Nation delivered the worst defeat in history to a modern Army (The English) at The Battle of Isandlwana (1879). Although a King, Shaka was also a warrior. He took the standard Infantry weapon of The Assegi Spear and developed The Ikwa Spear. A 3 foot wooden shaft with a 3 foot broad spearhead. The sides of the spearhead were razor sharp. The name "Ikwa" derived from the sound the spear made when it was pulled from the body of an enemy. A Zulu Warrior would carry an Ikwa and several Assegi into battle. The fate of Shaka's "Royal Ikwa" (like his mortal remains) is unknown.