The Spartan Code

  • Ancient Greece
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

As we have seen, the very name ''Sparta'' invokes images of brave and fierce Ancient Greek Warriors, afraid of nothing and most often fighting to the death. Both Hollywood and Books throughout History have capitalized on this view of the famed Warriors. Unfortunately, many of what is ''seen'' in incorrect. One thing that was correct, was that Laconian (the true name for those who came form Sparta) Warriors followed a strict Code of Honor. This Code was applied not only to their Military, but everyday life.


Most Spartan Warriors looked upon ''suicidal attacks'' against an Enemy worthless and a waste of Warriors (most of whom had spent much of their life in training). Likewise, a Warrior was seen to have a sense of ''ordered calm'' and never show rage or anger in battle (only a dogged determination). The Code also regulated that a Warrior remain mostly silent before and during battle. Only Officers gave orders (when needed). Most Spartan Warriors could form into complex fighting Formations very effectively (quickly and quietly). This was seen as an effective tactic in and of itself.


Honor was distributed to Warriors who also followed The Code with regards to the often romanticized ''Shield Story''. In many Movies, the tagline of ''Come Back With Your Shield, or Upon It!'' was somewhat correct. The ultimate disgrace for a Spartan was to lose or drop His Shield (seen as more important to Spartan fighting techniques than even His Sword or Spear). Another form of ultimate dishonor was if a Spartan deserted in battle. While most assume that a Spartan would never ''run from a battle'', they were just Men (and motivated by many frailties and emotions). Though uncommon, it did happen.