The ''Royal Fortune''

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Of Brigantine design, The French Ship "Good Fortune" was built in 1717. She was a 3 Masted, 115 ton Ship that was 70 feet long and stood some 21 feet tall. She was equipped with 15 cannon. The "Royal Fortune" was engaged by Pirate Captain Bartholomew Roberts in 1720, off of Newfoundland. Taken "a Prize", Roberts would rearm her with an additional 16 cannon and renamed her The "Good Fortune". As The "Good Fortune", she plied both the Commerce and Slave Trade off the West African Coast and Mid-Atlantic. Both profitable for such an enterprising Pirate as Roberts - The "Good Fortune" made thousands of Pounds during her Day. As Roberts amassed his fortune, so did his reputation rise. He would eventually raise Crews for three more vessels - with "Good Fortune" as his Flagship. A primary target for England's Royal Navy, HMS "Swallow" finally cornered Roberts without his Pirate Flotilla in 1722. After a hour of pounding by "Swallow" and her 44-guns - The "Good Fortune" went down with all hands.