The ''Red Hand'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

Although America entered World War I late, many Americans volunteered in several European Armies to assist. The story of 157th French Division was one such. Composed of American African-American Volunteers, they served as an Infantry Unit under General Mariano Goybet in 1916. They fought with great distinction. With American involvement in 1918, the Command was transferred to US control as the 371st Infantry of the 92nd Division. Their Colors remained with them as a distinction from other Units. Originally as the 157th, their Flag  (based on The French Flag), featured 3 vertical Stripes of Red, White and Red. In the center of the White Stripe, was a Red Hand. This symbolized the "Blood Debt", the living soldiers owed their dead comrades. With American transfer, they were allowed to keep their Flag. However, it identify their "American Nationality, The "Stars and Stripes" in a miniature version, was placed in the Upper Left corner. General Goybot was still unsatisfied with this version of the old 157th's battle colors. A third and final version was,creating, adding their old designated "157" (in black), under The Red Hand.