The Reconquest

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By Crusader1307

Known in Spain as “The Reconquista”, it was a Period in which Spanish Christianity reclaimed it's territories from Muslim Moor control. In the early 1000s A.D. - a massing of Muslim Emirates made for a dash to capture much of Christian Spain and the surrounding regions. Many historians declare The Reconquest as a “practice run” for The Middle Eastern Crusades (possibly even spurring them). Starting in 700 A.D. Spanish Forces under various exiled Rulers began to reclaim portions of lost territories. In 1085, (as a result of these military campaigns) – The Kingdom of Portugal was created. From 1232 to 1245, massive engagements against The Moors would free Valencia. Unable to maintain their power base, only The Kingdom of Granada was still under Muslin control in 1270. A major point that contributed to the Spanish success what that they allowed “captured” Muslims to retain their religious identity and NOT convert. This was a political “windfall”. Well defended, but politically and economically “starving” - Granada too would fall in 1492, thus ending The Reconquista” Period.