The ''Pirate Round''

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By Crusader1307

A notorious attack route that was used by many Anglo-Pirates in the 17th Century, known as “The Pirate Round”. The route started off the Southern Tip of Africa and extended West around The Isle of Madagascar, then North and South into The Indian Ocean. Continuing North into The Gulf of Aden (near Yemen). Finally, a “drop” - due South (hugging the Coast), for African waters (yet again). This route offered a wealth of treasure and goods from multiple Countries. The return trip afford the “lucky” Pirate the ability to “hide along the Coast” (to ditch, if need be). Originally, prior to 1720 – The Pirate Round was exclusively an Atlantic attack route that started in The Bahamas and ended in New York Harbor. With the rush of British, Spanish, French and Dutch Warships in the “zone”, a more “safer” route was plotted and used. The Pirate Round saw a brief resurgence in 1728 – but this too such stunted by the involvement of The Dutch East India Company and their formidable warships.