The ''Peter''

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By Crusader1307

Christened The ''Peter Pomergranate'', this was a medium sized Carrack Warship of The English Navy. Launched in 1510 AD (as a much smaller Vessel), The ''Peter'' was refitted (1536) into a smaller version of the famed late Medieval Warship, The ''Mary Rose''. Her name was though to be in relation to Queen Catherine of Aragon (whose Royal insignia featured a Pomergranate). In addition, The Queen made St. Peter Her Patron – hence the combination of the two. Slightly over 125-feet and made of English Oak – The ''Peter'' was close to 600-tons displaced with a Beam of 50-feet. She was also a Three Master, again rigged as a Carrack. The ''Peter'' supported a Crew of nearly 300 Sailors and Soldiers. The ''Peter'' armament was (6) Demi-Culverns, (2) Demi-Cannon, (7) Saker Guns and a variety of much smaller early artillery and firearm pieces. She deployed both Brass and Iron Cast Guns. The Ship participated in The War of The Cambrai League (1512) as well as serving a major role in The British Invasion of Scotland in 1547. The ''Peter'' was recorded as an Active English Warship up until 1588 – when she disappeared off The Royal Navy Rolls. It is speculated that she was broken up with her wood re-purposed.