The Norman Anonymous

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

A revolutionary text written in the 12th Century, The so-called “Norman Anonymous” was aptly named for it’s unknown Author. The document, which was written at a time when Kings and Queens were at “odds” with The Catholic Church – the primary reason being over supremacy. The Church, which for centuries been the focal point in installing Royalty to it’s respective Kingdoms, ruling in the name of The Church, many Royalty began to question their “temporal” authority.

As a Ruler, many felt that it was they who had ultimate control over their Peoples – without interference by The Church. Many began to fight against The Church’s authority in this way. As such, often excommunication was the punishment. In fact, many Rulers wished to install (or recommend) their own Candidates for Cardinals and Archbishops. These Clerics were chosen for their support of a Crown.

The “Norman Anonymous” outlined why temporal Rulers should have authority over The Church in their Kingdoms. It was considered inflammatory by The Church, which saw it as a “challenge’’. Unidentified with obvious purpose, the document shows a growing need for the separation of Church and States and is considered the oldest example of such.