The New Custom

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Also known as “The Petty Custom”, this taxation system involved foreign Merchants. Certain items considered “high value” weer afford a hefty “50%” higher tax that most other Staple items. In a word, these were considered “Luxury” items. Seen around 1347, if a King “liked” a certain type of imported Wine, he would eventually “pay” a high price for the bottle. The “Producer” would sell the Wine for $10.00 (USD). The Merchant would then by it and “add” another $10.00 (USD). The “Wine” is now valued at $20.00 (US). With The Petty Custom, our “Wine”” is now assessed (at Port or Harbor). By the time our good King gets his bottle – it is worth $80.00 (USD). The reasoning for this was to force the “average” Consumer (even Lower-Class Noblemen) to buy “Local” or “Regional” Goods.