The Nation of Deseret Flag

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By Crusader1307

The ''Nation of Deseret'' was a self-declared Republic, within The United States of America – in the future Territory of Utah. It was established by Settlers of The Mormon religious Sect (currently The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), in 1847. The Republic's name ''Deseret'' was derived from the word ''Honeycomb'' as found in their religious text '' The Book of Mormon''. Under the administration of Church Founder Brigham Young, He originally sought to petition for US Territorial admittance (which would lead to Statehood). Due to the perceived ''oddness'' of The Mormon religion by established US religious Groups, created an open hostility between Young's ''Republic'' and The United States Government, Young refused to surrender his religious ''principles'' (many of which were contrary to the established, and Government accepted religions). The ''Nation of Deseret'' declared their Nation in 1849 as a ''separate Nation'' within The United States. The Territory was in the far Northwest, and was not considered an immediate threat to The US. This all changed when Gold was discovered in California and a mass exodus of Settlers and Prospectors began to make their way West. Several ''massacres'' of Settlers (blamed on The Mormons) – occurred which led The US Government to ''almost'' declare War on The Nation of Deseret. After Young's death, a more moderate Mormon Administration took control and accepted several requirements of The Federal Government in 1850 – thus The Territory of Utah was born (later The State of Utah in 1896).


There were (2) versions of The Nation of Deseret Flag. It's first was based in pattern on The US National Flag. This featured (7) Blue horizontal Stripes and (6) White. The Upper Left Canton (closest to The Hoist), was a Blue Field, had a circular design of (13) White, (13) 5-Pointed Stars (in honor of the original 13 Colonies). A larger 5-Point Star (White) was placed in the center of The Circle. This represented The Republic of Deseret. When The ''Republic'' became The ''Nation'', they adopted a still similar design to The US National. This second version used the (7 and 6 pattern of Stripes, only now they were Red and White. The Upper Left Canton was a Blue Field which featured a full-colored Federal Eagle. The Eagle was clutching The ''Honeycomb'' (Deseret' in one Talon and a Cannon in the other Talon. Above The Eagle was place (now) 12 White Stars (as in a Firmament) – with a much larger Star added to represent The Nation. This Version was sometime referred to as The ''Mormon War Flag'' for it's use during the hostilities between The Mormon Faction and The US Government. After official Territorial admittance, both versions disappeared from usage.