The Milam Guards

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By Crusader1307

Another early Republic of Texas formed Militia, The ''Milam Guards'' were commissioned to be mustered into active service by order of then Republic President Sam Houston in 1838. They are considered the first created Militia of The Republic of Texas.


The Milam Militia (created from Volunteers of Milam County, Texas) – they also participated in actions against a perceived Mexican Invasion of Galveston, Texas. Later in their History, The Guards patroled The Texas Borders in protection against Native American (Indian) Raids.


The Guards would be among the first to be enlisted into The US Army during the early stages of The Mexican-American War of the late 1840s. Elements would be retained as local Militia and of these, would join The Confederate Army as volunteers from Texas in 1861.


The original Uniform of The Milam Guards was taken from the existing US Army Infantry Uniform of The Era. This was the ''Cadet Grey'' wool Uniform of Forage Coat and Trousers. The tall Leather Helmet, known as The ''Tombstone'', was standard issue. Silver was used as Facings for the Uniform. Rank structure mirrored that of The US Army (as did their basic Infantry weapons).