The ''Mary Willoughby''

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By Crusader1307

Captured during The Scottish Civil Wars of the 15th Century, The Carrack-Class Warship known as The ''Mary Willoughby'' would eventually be taken again by Henry VIII of England's ''Tudor Navy'' in 1532. Displacing 150-tons, The ''Mary Willoughby'' may have been roughly 150-feet and length and could support around 140 Officers and Men. As a Carrack Warship, (and other Tudor Naval Ships), She would have supported 20 Main Guns (15 to 20-Pounders) and a smaller variety of ''Bombard'' Deck Guns. Captured by France in 1547, ''Mary Willoughby'' would be returned by terms of Treaty with England. She would remain Docked in England until 1573, when She was sold for scrap.