The Knights of The Golden Circle

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By Crusader1307

The ''Knights of The Golden Circle'' was a secret Society founded in 1854. A Radical and Racist Organization, it was originally headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (US). The Group was opposed to the Abolition of Slavery, and supported the growing resentment felt in The American South. Further, The Group wished to dispel The American Two-Party System, and form their own Country. In it, Slavery would be legal and it's Government System would have been more of an Imperialist- Socialism form. The ''Knights'' supported the Ohio based ''Copperheads'' (another radical organization), who wished to erode The Lincoln (Union) Administration during The Civil War. Other ''goals'' of The ''Knights'' was to re-base their National Capitol in Cuba (having ''taken over'' much of The Caribbean Nations as well as possibly invading and occupying much of Mexico and South America. Never able to ''militarily'' challenge The Federal Government, after the rapid succession of Union Army victories in 1863 forward, The ''Knights'' began to lose what little political power it had gained. It would disband in 1864, with many of it's ''Supporters'' joined the aforementioned ''Copperheads''.