The Jacquerie Uprising

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

This French Peasant Uprising was one of the most violent of The Middle Ages. During the Period of The 13th Century, many “Peasant Revolts” were erupting throughout Europe. Staring in 1358 (and lasting only one month), hundreds of Noblemen (and their families) and thousands of Peasants died. The Revolt was in response to the rising costs of the many wars that France had previous fought (most notably England). French Nobility had steadily raised the taxes on the peasantry to pay for war expenses. The anger of the “common man” rose until it erupted in May, 1358. A group was organized by Guillaume Cale, North of the City of Paris. The term “Jacquerie” was a derisive term that French Nobility used to identify peasants. Spreading through the Region, The Jacquerie began to systematically killing any Nobleman or supposed family member they encountered. Wholesale butchery abounded. By June, Noble and Royal alike had enough. Armies were raised (mercenaries from England) to support the standing French Army. Bullet and bayonet quashed The Jacquerie Revolt by June – the same year.