The Guardians of Scotland

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

A governing body. The ''Guardians of Scotland'' were Regents who ruled Scotland when no Monarch or Heir was enthroned. In addition, The Guardians were too resolve all question of succession. From roughly 1286 until 1306 (in Periods), The Guardians of Scotland held sway. The Regents were composed of both Lords (Nobles) and Clergy (Church Bishops). Of Note, during The First War for Scottish Independence, those Commanders of Scottish Armies (Clans) – were often rewarded with the Title of ''Guardian''. These men most often preferred to remain with their Armies rather than become ''politicians'' and ''Kingmakers''.


Corruption and graft (spurred on mostly by England), would eventually make The Guardians mistrusted to rule in proxy. After 1357, the last retired with England actively controlling The Country (through graft appointments of pro-English/Scottish Nobles).