The ''Gorch Fock''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Gorch Fock'' is a German Naval Training Ship – built in 1958. It is a conventional ''3-Master'' (Full Rigged Sail Pattern), designed to train German Naval Cadets in traditional Seamanship duties and responsibilities. The ''Gorch Fock'' is an identical Sister Ship to the original (and same named) ''Gorch Fock''. Built in 1933, She served the same role for The Kreigsmarine prior to World War II.


Weighing over 1,700-tons (displaced), ''Gorch Fock'' is 266-feet in length with a Beam (height) of 40-feet. As stated, She is a traditional Three-Masted, all Wooden Vessel (Full Sail Pattern). She also is provided with a Diesel 6-cylinder Engine for emergency power. The ''Fock'' can transport 350 Passengers (Her Crew ranges in size from 80 Officers and Cadets to 100). Over 14,000 Naval Cadets have been trained on Her Decks.