The Gonzales Flag

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By Crusader1307

Although the slogan “Come and Take It!” goes back to The American Revolution (in reference to the 1778 Siege of Fort Morris, Georgia) – it became a rallying phrase for those Texas Colonists were were in rebellion again the Mexican Dictator Santa Anna. During the onset of The Texas War for Independence, (1831) – the Town of Gonzales (Texas), was fortified by Texan Militia (for anticipation of an advancing Mexican Army). Barely armed with musket and sword, the Militia owned 1 single 6 pound cannon. Wheeled to the front barricades of the Town, wives of the Militiamen sewed a white flag with a black cannon barrel in the center. The phrase “Come and Take It”, was attached. A black 5 pointed star above the cannon was meant to represent the proposed “Texas Republic”. This was a threat to the advancing Mexican Infantry (who were attempting to disarm the Rebels). Upon their approach to Gonzales, the cannon was fired. Rather than further engage the determined Texans, Mexican Forces moved on (towards The Alamo). The “Come and Take It” Flag is an iconic piece of Texas history.