The Gilmore Medal

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By Crusader1307

The ''Gilmore Medal'' was another of the few privately commissioned and issued Medals of The American Civil War. As has been discussed, The US Government never issued any Medals or Decorations during The War, save The Medal of Honor. Designed and paid for by Union General Quincy Gilmore in 1863, The self-named ''Gilmore Medal'' was given to various Regiments under His Command, during His several attempts to take The Confederate Coastal Fortification known as Fort Wagner (South Carolina). Later, it was awarded for any acts of bravery during His Campaigns in and around Charleston, South Carolina. The US Army did allow The Gilmore Medal for wear on it;s Uniform (which was rare). It was authorized until 1905. Unlike traditional Medal and Ribbon Devices, The Gilmore Medal had no Ribbon. It was a circular Brass device which was pinned to the front of the Recipient's Uniform. The Medal was suspended by a small chain to which was attached a Bar (Pin), onto which was inscribed the Soldier's name or Unit. Several different devices bore different images. One for example was an image of Fort Wagner, which another showed Fort Sumter (Charleston Harbor), of which Gilmore's Forces attacked (Artillery), several times.