The ''Duyfken''

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By Crusader1307

The “Duyfken” was a Dutch Republic Barque built and launched in 1595. The Vessel which name translates to “Little Dove”, served as a multi-purpose Ship. It was used as a Cargo Vessel and Privateer Ship.The “Duyfken” displaced 110-tons and was 65-feet long. She had a 20-foot beam. The Vessel was armed with 8 Cannon of various poundage. The “Duyfken” was a major transport for The Dutch Trading and The Spice concerns of The Far East. She completed with both Spain and Portugal. She began important to The Dutch East India Company when they established their headquarters in Jakarta, India. Excessive wear and age – coupled with her brief stint as a Privateer, found The “Duyfken” unable to be renovated in 1608. She was eventually broken up.