The ''Dreadnought''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Dreadnought'' was a Flagship of King Henry's ''Tudor Navy''. Launched in 1573, ''Dreadnought'' was considered one of the most ''technologically advanced'' Warships of Her Era. Much of Her design was a combination of many types of Warships, seen all over The World. The ''Dreadnought'' was seen as basically a ''Race Built'' Galleon. She would fight in and was instrumental during - The Siege of Cadiz (1587). In 1625, ''Dreadnought'' would again raid against The Spanish Port City of Cadiz as a Privateer. She was not so successful this time. Long serving She would eventually be broken up in 1648.''Dreadnought'' displaced 350-tons and was 90-feet long with a Beam of 30-feet. She supported 41-Cannon of various Poundage (although by 1625, she was cut down to 30 Guns). ''Dreadnought'' crewed 200 Officers and Men. She was a Full Rigged Sail plan, supporting Her (4) Masts.