The ''Domesday'' Book

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Sometimes pronounced “Doomsday”, this book was considered the Administrative masterpiece of The Middle Ages. Initially called the “Book of The Day of Assessment”, it received it's over dramatic name because it's “authority” was beyond question (like Judgment Day or Domesday). Commissioned by William The Conqueror in 1085, The Domesday Book was meant to serve as the comprehensive record of all the properties in England. Each Region was required to provide a complete accounting of of lands, landowners, tenants, livestock and what natural resources were available there. Past information was also required to be submitted. Property taxes were determined on a formula based on Pre and Post Norman Rule. To ensure accuracy, Officials who took such “surveys” were required to take a “Royal Oath” as to the accuracy. The book was used to settle legal claims and assess future taxes.