The ''Diamond'' Formation

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By Crusader1307

Dating to perhaps as early as the 3rd Century BC, the so named ''Diamond'' Formation, was a common early massed Cavalry Tactic. Used against Shield Walls of Infantry Troops, the term comes from the overall shape of The Formation. The Diamond is wider at the Front and Rear and more elongated at it's Flanks. The most common benefit of The Diamond Formation was to use Cavalry at Full Gallop (or Charge), and using their sheer force of impact (momentum) to penetrate a Shield Wall. It also allowed so formed Forces to easily regroup into a Basic Square Formation. With the advent of Gunpowder (Firearms and Artillery), naturally – The Diamond Formation would be discontinued as a basic Cavalry assault tactic. Today, The Diamond Pattern is best seen in use by various Ariel Demonstration Teams (Jet Fighters). The often hazardous and extremely close quarters flying pattern is a test of a Pilots abilities to fly at close intervals. As little as (6) or as many as (18) Aircraft can fly in such a Formation.