The ''Date Maru''

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By Crusader1307

Known in English as The “San Juan Bautista” (St. John The Baptist) – The “Date Maru” is famous for being the first Japanese ship build based on European designs. Long traded with and visited by English and Portuguese Traders and Sailors – Japan did not change it's ship building designs. Superior in all facets, when first constructed in 1613, she based on The Galleon-design. Taking an incredible 45-days to construct, “Date Maru” was 500 tins (displaced) and 60 feet long. She stood 30 feet high (beam). Capable of crewing 180 men, she also was armed with 16 cannon. Several other ships of similar design were also constructed (with English help). She traveled to Mexico, Europe and even Rome (were Japanese Envoys met with Pope Paul V). “Date Maru” returned after her year long “diplomatic journey” to a drastically changed Japan. Returning to it's once “seclusive” state, Christianity – as well as foreign trade were outlawed. She eventually rotted away. In 1993, a full-sized replica of “Date Maru” was built and serves as a “land based” Museum (located very close to her original construction site).