The Carillo Flag

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By Crusader1307

Also known as the ''Battle of San Juan Capristrano Flag'', The Carillo Flag was named for Don Carlos Carillo. Carillo had been ''appointed'' by The Mexican Government to ''replace'' the popularly elected Juan Alvarado – as Governor of ''Alta California'' in 1838. Supported by a small Force of Mexican Cavalry (Lancers), Carillo moved against Alvarado at The City of San Juan Capistrano. However, upon The Force's approach, they were surprised to find a counter Force of Mexican Militia, supported by a Volunteer Militia of Americans (calling themselves The ''Tennessee Rifles''). The Force was supported by a single 6-pounder Cannon. Mexican observers stated that they also saw a “Red Flag'' with a ominous ''threat'' printed on it. It is unknown if the Flag or determined stance of the defenders Cannon caused The Carillo Force to retreat without engaging Alvarado. The Field of The Carillo Flag was Red. A large Golden Banneroll was applied to the entirety of The Field. The phrasing (in Spanish) read ''If Our Enemies Do Not Surrender, I Will Order Their Throats Cut!'' This somewhat barbaric threat was an actual battle order within The Mexican Army (and perceived as a very real threat if captured). The practice was sometimes known as ''The Deugello'', which was akin to showing ''No Quarter'' to an Enemy. Although drawing exist of The Carillo Flag, the original was lost to History.