''The Book of Murder''

  • The Victorian Era
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By Crusader1307

''The Book of Murder'' was a pamphlet-book, first published in the 1830s in England – which was seen as an Anti-Government/Anarchist attempt to ''prove'' a systematic plan of ''extermination'' of the then English Poor by the ''Wealth''-Class. Attributed to Joshua Hobson (a Radicalist), He theorized that The English Government had plans to institute infanticide. It was commonly ''thought'' by The Poor, that poor food and living condition, along with lack of proper medical care – was put in place by The Government, as a specific way to ''control'' the population in England at the time. The book (widely circulated), stoked the ''flames of discontent'' already widening a ''gap'' between The Poor and Wealthy. The book would help lead Hobson to arrest and imprisonment by The British Government in 1839.