The ''Blue'' Qur'an

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The unique ''Blue Qur'an'' is dated roughly to the 10th Century AD. Comparable to The Western Holy Bible, The Qur'an features religious text relating to Muslim religious practices, arranged into Chapters called Sura. It was written in one of the oldest known forms of Arabic script called Kufic. It was commissioned for the Rulers (Caliphate) of The Abbasid Empire.


The Caliphate were wide scale users of the previously discussed ''Purple Parchment'' style of illumination art and writing. The ''Blue Qur'an'' was developed using a dark Blue hue to dye the parchment. It also features both Gold and Silver metals crushed and added to a suspension fluid, by which writing could be achieved. While most Qur'an feature no forms of lining by which Western Culture uses to maintain a straight and orderly sentence pattern, The ''Blue Our'an bears faint examples of such. In keeping with Islamic Law, no illustrations are featured in The Blue Qur'an, but it does have a collection of spacing images used to separate it's verses or caesurae. These are normally Silver, with the alphabet letters in Gold.