The Battle of The Lech

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By Crusader1307

Possibly one of the most important battles of the 10th Century, The Battle of The Lech was fought in 955 A.D. - by The Magyars and a “unified” Germanic Force led by King Otto I. Fought near Lechfield (near Augsburg), the battle would wrest control of Germany from Hungarian influences. The Magyars were a fierce nomadic Tribe from Western Siberia. They ravaged Europe in the late 9th and early 10th Centuries. Their influence went as far “South” as France and Italy. In 907 A.D. - The Magyars had defeated The Bavarians. Using the Region as a “springboard” they launched their offensive into Germany (954 A.D.) King Otto I amassed an Army to resist them near The River Lech. Relying on heavy Cavalry and Archers, Otto's Forces held firm (defending The Lech River). Wave after wave of the fierce Magyars smashed into their lines. In the end, Otto's Force's were just too well entrenched to be moved. The Magyars retreated. This engaement raised Otto's standing in not only his Country (but The Medieval World). It would greatly assist him in his future coronation as Holy Roman Emperor in 962 A.D. The Magyars (finally defeated), went back into Hungary (and under Arpadian Rule). Their Ruler, Prince Geza would finally accept Christianity in 975 A.D. (as would his peoples). The Magyars would settle from their nomadic life.