The Battle of Deorham

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By Crusader1307

Fought in the year 577 A.D. - between the West Saxons (Wessex) and The Britons, this was a major victory for the West Saxons. Lead by Ceawlin (with his son Cuthwine, in support), the actual troop numbers are not known. Taking place in semi-open forested areas, West Saxon's main goal was to capture and take the Severn Valley (long known to be a key strategic region in then England). The West Saxons advanced a sizable army into the region (attempting to take the lower valley area first). Suprise and speed helped them take the Briton fortification at Hinton Hill. This move effectively cut off communications in the adjoining valleys. The Briton forces from the areas of Gloucester, Cirencester and Bath all united to form a more sizable army to counter the West Saxon invaders. Meeting at Deorham, they were defeated and all their respective Kings were killed!The surviving forces moved back the the lower Severn (in an attempt to construct another fortification for the coming invasion). It never came. The West Saxons achieved what they had set out to do (the control of the region). They had no need to take the new fort. The Britons would not be able to refill their ranks (at present!)