The ''Aurora'' Project

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

In the 1980s, much of The ''Aurora'' Project was rumor and speculation. Some claim it existed, others not. But is is clear that much of The ''Aurora'' is speculated to have been responsible for The US Stealth Fighter technology. It is also plausible that The Groom Lake, Nevada (''Area 51'') Development (aka ''The Skunk Works''), might be responsible for many ''UFO'' sightings. The High Altitude Aircraft, rumored to be able to achieve 100,000-feet to sub-orbital – was said to be 130-feet long, with little other known facts. It was rumored to be able to achieve 4,000-mph and was virtually ''invisible'' to Radar. To date, The US Government denies The ''Aurora'' Surveillance Plane existed.