The ''Ark Royal''

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By Crusader1307

The “Ark Royal” was originally called “The Ark Raleigh”. Built under the commission of noted English Explorer (and Privateer), Sir Walter Raleigh in 1586. In 1587, Queen Elizabeth I purchased the ship from him. It was re-commissioned “Ark Royal”. Tasked to be one of the first Flagships of The Elizabethan Navy, “Ark Royal” was classified as a “Supership”. She was 800-tones (displaced) and 105 feet long. She sat some 40 feet tall (beam). Crewed by over 300 sailors, “Ark Royal” had 42 cannon of various types and poundage. The primary attack vessel against The Spanish Armada, she was also used in The Raid on Cadiz (Spain – 1596). This action destroyed most of the remaining Armada (then in Port). With the Reign of James VI, he renovated and renamed her “Anne Royal” (in honor of his wife). Sent to attack Cadiz again in 1625, she was almost destroyed (and the raid failed). In 1636, she struck her own anchor in The Medway River. The damage was sever enough to sink her. Due to the cost spent, England raised her. Finding the damage beyond repair (a new hull essentially), it was determined to break her up in 1638. Due to her fame and valor, the name “Ark Royal”, has been used on several other Royal Navy Flagships.