The American Legion

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

The infamous “American Legion” was formed in 1780 during The American Revolutionary War, and was commanded by the equally infamous American “turncoat” General and Traitor – Benedict Arnold. He formed a Loyalist Regiment which was formed from Loyalist Americans and deserters from The American Continental Army. At it’s height, The Legion boasted 1,200 Men.
Considered Mounted Infantry (or Dragoons), The Legion was used by The British as Irregular Infantry and Scouts. They fought in many skirmishes and (3) major Battles during The War. The Legion was Headquartered in Long Island Province (NY) and operated as far North as Connecticut and as far South as Virginia. They also featured an Artillery Branch.
In most cases, when The Legion fought American Continentals – these  engagements were especially bloody and ruthless. They were as close to the carnage seen in the impending American Civil War of the 1860s, when “Brother fought Brother”.
The Legion wore a British Scarlet Red Uniform that was trimmed in Loyalist Green. They were issued standard British weapons and equipment. They (like other Loyalist Units), fled to Canada and other Countries after The War – to escape reprisals from The American Government.