The ''Adventure Galley''

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Flagship of Privateer Captain William Kidd, The “Adventure Galley” was launched in 1695 and commissioned by a consortium of wealthy English Merchantmen (with the intent on crewing her and setting her about as a “Pirate Hunter”). She was a Square-Rigged Schooner that displaced some 280 tons. She was 125 feet long and stood 30 feet (beam). “Adventure Galley” (although wind powered), also included Oars for human power (if needed). Capable of 16 miles per hour, she crewed 160 men and was equipped with 35 “light” cannon.


Captained by William Kidd himself, “Adventure Galley” failed in her initial mission to destroy or capture Pirates operating of The American Coast and The Caribbean Seas. In 1698, due to lack of on-going sea care or Dock refitting, she began to badly leak of the Coast of Madagascar (Africa). She was stripped of anything of value and allowed to sink. Her wreckage has yet to be discovered.