The Ada Gospel

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The ''Ada'' Gospel is an 8th Century AD Carolingian Gospel – which was commissioned for Emperor Charlemagne's Sister, Ada (hence it's identification today). It is an excellent example of several forms of Carolingian Renaissance Art and Literature History. The Folio contains illuminated illustrations, each measuring roughly 15-inches in length and almost 10-inches in width. Dedicated to The Gospels, the piece is part of a collection of related works called ''The Ada Collection''. Several manuscripts constructed for The Emperors Sister, have survived as part of this line.


The Ada Gospel is particularly noted for it's blending of Byzantine, Insular and early Italian illumination styles. It was constructed on Vellium, written in Carolingian Minuscule Form. In 1499 AD, The Ada Gospel fell into control of Emperor Constantine – who had The Gospel fitted with a Gold and precious jeweled Binding (Treasure Binding). It is currently in Tier, Germany.