Texas-Coahuila Militia Flag

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By Crusader1307

When Mexico "created" The Territory of Texas, it easy actually a combination of Texas and Coahuila. The massive Territory was second to only California. So large, Mexico could not properly "Police" it, they ordered Militias raised by Colonists to protect it. One of the first such was commanded by legendary figure James Bowie  (of Bowie Knife fame). Tasked in 1834 to help protect the Territory from Native-American  and Bandit Raids, it was also one of the first Militias to report for duty against Mexico, during the early phases of The Texas Revolution of 1836. The Militia Flag was based on part on The Mexican National Tricolor Standard, of Green, White and Red Vertical Stripes. Placed in the Center of the White Stripe were 2 Brown Stars, each representing the two Territories of Texas and Coahuila.