Tenple of Caesar

  • Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

Known alternately as ''Temple of The Deified Caesar'' and ''Temple of The Comet Star'', The Temple of Caesar stood in The Roman Forum, near The Temple of Vesta (Capitoline Hill). It was constructed around 40 BC in memory of a ''glorified'' (made God) – Emperor Julius Caesar (after His death at the hands of His Senators).


The Temple was 90-feet in width and close to 100-feet long. It stood at 50-feet in height. The Altar, where Caesar's ashes were stored, was elevated over 5-feet off the main Platform.


Inside The Temple, a portion of it's Walls were decorated with Ship Bows of The Egyptian Fleet commanded by Rebel Mark Antony, from The Battle of Actium (31 BC). A massive Statue of Caesar, perhaps 30-feet tall, graced the inside. Other ''spoils of War'' (relating to Caesar's lifetime conquests), were said to be stored inside. The Temple's other identification ''Temple of The Comet'' was dedicated to the sighting of an actual Comet, present at the time of Caesar's death (44 BC). Some cite that Caesar's ashes from His cremation may have been kept at The Temple (and some say still are).


Standing largely intact until the 15th Century, The Temple was taken apart, using it rich Marble and Brick for other building Projects (most of which were Christian Churches. Only small sections of the original Marble Platform (flooring) still remains.